Student Assistance & University of Louisville Guitar Competition

Last semester, in October, we were able to travel to the University of Louisville and provide financial assistance to one deserving student, as well as provide awards to those at the University of Louisville Guitar Competition. We just sent out another award to an International Student from Costa Rica who traveled here and arrived right before the pandemic. We will be traveling again in March to do the very same thing. 
The website for the Graesyn Foundation is under way and we will be working on the application process for other students. We cannot wait to share the developments as they begin. We hope to feature old and new artists every single month. 
Although some of my family and Board Members were not able to be here, they will be in the future. Many of them are family and close beautiful friends who knew Graesyn Lawrence Spiers, and we would like to thank you for coming because without you, none of this would have been possible. We want to extend our gratitude to you, for the support that you have provided and the lack of judgment you have exhibited while we have navigated through this process. Without all of you and your support, Tiffany Fina Law and the Graesyn Foundation would not exist. Your kindness and your support will forever be cherished. 
We welcome any donations that you choose to make, but it is not necessary, nor is it expected. We have invited you because every person that is here has already donated with their gift of time, and support, and did so without expectation. 
We are simply happy that you have come to celebrate our accomplishments with us. If you do make the choice to make a donation, we will ensure that you know exactly which student receives the funds and the reasons for the selection. 
Every person that you see today has a special place in my heart and that was exactly what I wanted to share with all of you. Thank you for coming.
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