About The Graesyn Foundation

The Graesyn Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and providing support to gifted and talented students who are studying the Art of Music. The Graesyn Foundation is dedicated and committed to providing students with mental health services, financial assistance, housing assistance, scholarships, and awards at the Guitar Competitions at the University of Louisville and the Fred Fox School of Music at the University of Arizona where Graesyn Lawrence Spiers attended.

When financial assistance is unavailable and/or students are not able to obtain services, such as mental health assistance through their University, The Graesyn Foundation will provide the assistance to seek out a private-pay provider to ensure that they have access to resources when they need to. Students who travel and relocate from Out of State or Internationally are particularly at risk and need additional support to ensure they are able to focus and complete their studies to meet their dreams. The changes in culture, family support, and friends affect many students, and these changes require additional support from the community and those who are able to reach out, give, and ultimately, make a difference in each of their lives.

Meet The Board

Tiffany Fina

Tiffany Fina has extensive experience in helping individuals and families protect what is most important to them. Ms. Fina has earned a reputation for effectively handling complex issues as it pertains to domestic violence, Father’s Rights, Mother’s Rights, and Children’s Rights; as well as the unique challenges that many women face while navigating the legal system. Ms. Fina has litigated well over a thousand cases and ensures that every legal issue is raised on behalf of her clients and takes extraordinary pride in giving a voice to those who are the most vulnerable. She has served the State of Arizona and its families by serving as Guardian ad Litem, Best Interest Attorney and Attorney for Children before Superior Court Family Law Bench.

Kelton Glasscock

Mr. Glasscock is a retired energy corporate banker with over 43 years in the banking industry. He retired as Head of the Americas for a major European international energy bank which specialized in oil and gas and related industries as well in the power and renewables energy sector. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Finance as well as the Graduate School of Banking of the South at Louisiana State University. He is also the Chairman of the Board of a non-profit organization which provides forensic and therapeutic services to abused children and their families. His home is on a small farm in Manvel, Texas with his lifelong partner, Gwen Zirkle, and has one son and five grandchildren. He enjoys domestic and international traveling and is an avid snow skier.

Christopher Huffman

Christopher Huffman is the Secretary of the Graesyn Foundation. He currently resides in Dallas, TX and is a practicing Architectural and Interior Designer with a focus in residential design. He has spent 12 years within the retail management world which has allowed him to create lasting relationships in diverse networks. Mr. Huffman is focused on continuing the mission of providing accessible mental health resources to students who may need it with no questions asked. Providing access to resources hits home for him as he has had many people within in his network reach out and receive help that they have needed. He has seen how these resources have uplifted and transformed lives personally. He has personally benefited from this type of access and is currently 6+ years sober himself.
In his free time he enjoys embracing the local arts community, visiting charity events, and exploring the unknown spaces within his community.

He looks forward to continually growing the reach of the Graesyn foundation and uplifting students to their highest level.

No one is Immune from suicide or from mental health issues. Everyone that you have met, or love has been affected, in one way or another by suicide, directly or indirectly. It could have been a loved one or a close acquaintance. We want to make sure everyone knows that it is okay to talk about it and take action to do what we can to prevent another tragic loss.

The Graesyn Foundation’s Mission is to ensure that the well-being of all young students— who choose to study the Art of Music are supported. The Graesyn Foundation is committed to ensuring these gifted students have access to the resources they may need to ensure their future success and well being. Many students travel far and wide to follow their passion and love for the Art of Music, whether it be from Stateto-State or Internationally, the transition is a difficult road to bear. The Graesyn Foundation’s Mission is to make that road a little bit easier and more welcoming for them as these student embark upon a new journey, and a road less traveled by, so that their vision and influence on the Art of Music is felt now, resonates in the future and remembered throughout History.

“The next time you play and listen to one of your own favorite pieces of music—A beautiful and gifted human being hoped you would listen, hear their story, and become part of “You” and an integral piece of the fabric of Your own inspiration as we travel down this path together in life.”

“Memories and your own version of History is always associated with the Music we Love.”

-The Graesyn Foundation

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